We are BIG 

About Trimamuth Logo

Trimamuth stands for BIG. We’re a clothing brand based in London that sells worldwide. Founded by Stelios Antoniou in 2015 Stelios’ vision for a high quality brand started with the combination of shapes and nature. The usage of animal parts and geometric shapes have led Trimamuth to become a brand which provides timeless yet fresh pieces. Appealing to a wide range of customers around the world, we aim to design different and aesthetically pleasing designs. In addition we print all our new collections on organic and ethically made clothing.
 Our Organic Approach.
We get all our Organic Clothing from   Award-Winning Rapanui Rapanui uses more sustainable materials. Materials such as organic cotton, rPET and British Wool. In addition every Rapanui product has a value that can be recovered at the end of it’s life by freeposting it back.  Contact us for more information We were also featured in British GQ’s ‘Stylefile’ section and Conde Nast Traveller’s ‘Don’t leave home without section’.